#Arch2022 will be the experience you’ll never forget!

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Find out all the excitement we’ve got in store for you this 26 & 27 October at Luxexpo The Box in Luxembourg. Gear up for an exciting experience!

Explore innovative tech across the exhibition floor

Prepare to discover how the next generation of technology will impact our lives. We’ve got exciting exhibits from 100 tech scaleups /startups and the biggest names in the industry – Accenture, IBM, Google, Vodafone and 80 other corporate giants showing off some of their cutting-edge technologies.

Get your fit on with the coolest AR game on the market — HADO

It's the world’s first Techno Sport game everyone is talking about. Get ready to play it and be the first in your network to try HADO. An Augmented Reality (AR) sport, HADO puts the power of energy balls and shields in the hands of players on a real-life court. While the rules are simple, the depth of offensive and defensive strategy is infinite.

Graffiti artists to break out their canvas and get down at #Arch2022

Three of Luxembourg’s famous local Graffiti artists – David Soner, Joel Rollinger and Organe K will create incredible cool murals based on the event themes – Digital Society, Planet and inclusion.

Sky Swing: Luxembourg’s First VR Tourist Experience

Experience the magic of the Grand Duchy at #Arch2022. The Sky Swing is Luxembourg’s first virtual reality tourism experience, and attendees will be able to check it out and feel what it’s like to fly over some of the country’s sights and attractions.

Music! Dancing and DJ’s spinning tunes

Arch Summit will not end with the final talk of the day. Experience the coolest evening of your life at #Arch2022, with a thrilling DJ spinning tunes from the top of the Arch tower. The evening event will feature cool DJs, Hunneg-Strëpp an energetic live band from Luxembourg, as well as good food, drinks, and networking opportunities.

Like what the Arch Summit has to offer? Reserve your spot today -> click here

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